Memoirs of a Shattered Mind

by Fractured Spine

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released August 1, 2014


all rights reserved



Fractured Spine Finland

Experimental, atmospheric, melodic. Although many death/doom metal elements are present in most songs, it would be difficult to categorize Fractured Spine strictly in that genre. The band still draws its main influences from outside the metal genre.

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Track Name: Dead to Me
You can burn
but you cannot swallow
This world of mine
you made so hollow

On your trail
I will not follow
I pray for you
there's no tomorrow

Afraid you were
Caged in your fright

I was there for you
Holding you tight

On my trail now
none will follow

I pray that you
are gone tomorrow

And now you're...
dead to me
You devil
I've seen through your disguise
Dead to me

You nearly burned me down
nearly broke my trust
on everyone around me
Forget you I must

You nearly burned me down
truly broke my trust
on those around
Forget you I must

It's you
who uses everyone around you
Then wonders
why you're getting hurt

Now I see you always
look for something new
Did you find it?
Of course you did
But why is it
that I'm still burning?
Track Name: This Dying Soul
There was so much
joy in my life
But today I'm feeling like
it's been gone for so long
...for a while

Why is it so hard
To find something
that's worth living for
I've been feeling like this
...far too long

No more tears
I can't go on
Why don't I feel
like I felt before?
Surrounded by these empty walls
(day by day)

No more fear
I can't go on
And this feeling is getting strong
I feel the end is closing in
(in my own thoughts)

Yesterday was fairly ok
But today I'm feeling like
I could end it all
And I don't know why

Everyone trying to
help me
But I've come to realise
Nothing's going to make me
feel alright

(Living so hard and negative way)

There's no way to escape
I don't need your help anymore
I cannot enjoy
this life no more
I want to be left alone
...six feet underground.
Track Name: ...and gone was I...
Don't tell me your thoughts
Your worries

I'll make them worse
I'll make you
regret it all

I can't be there for you
I can't help you with
what you're going through

(There's no reason to stay)

For you it's time
to let me go.
Track Name: Deprived of Daylight
(And spare me just for one more day)

Howl for help
clawing on these walls again

Lose yourself
in that distant dream
with a daylight glint

He'll take his time
(Have his way with you)
And all you know
you'll beg before the end

Mouth gagged, unable to scream
yet who would hear?

Eyes blinded by the darkness
and would you even want to see?

Counting the steps in your mind
Where would you flee?

Arms too weak to rise
- why fight?

Once again suffocated
Forget your faint prayers
in this withering despair

Hum that old song
you used to sing
They'll never find you
and he's nowhere through with you

(- yet your mind wanders)

In your darkest moment
you slowly understand
This failure of a man

Pray for humanity
he never had

And how you embrace the pain
And how you smile again
Taking away the only joy
the old man was waiting

(by finally giving in...)
Track Name: Clock that Ticks
Waste your life
(Dwelling in your expectations)

Fool yourself
(with promises that'll)
(never come true)

I see you
shovel the dirt
(gathered on your feet)

I'll tell you now
(that's been all for naught)

Those who came
and those who are yet to come
fail to see the deceiving
(fall of time)

Years that went and those
that are yet to come
They pass by
in a blink of an eye

They can't see
The truth
(that is living in a moment)

They try to
make you
(waste your only life)
(as they did)

are the fragile
(wretches bathing)
(in our despair)

spiral downward
(on our way)
(straight to the grave)

This your shot
Will you blow it
Will you fail to see the
clock ticking away

People perishing in
front of your eyes
How can you fail to hear
the clock ticking.
Track Name: Shallow
You pay in tears
You pay in blood
Try to wipe away
The shards of
long forgotten happiness!

that won't return

Forgive yourself
for what was done
Forgive yourself
The person
you've become
(And it eats you)
(up inside)

Wander the night
Keep the ghosts away
Into the woods
There ain't no escape

Your everlasting silence
(Punishment remains)
Ghosts of a (long)
forgotten day

The guilt
won't just go away
Not until
you've paid
(with everything you own)

Shallow child
what have you done

Pain inside
- what you had is gone

And forever
we remain
What once
has been unbreakable

...and for never
Only guilt remains
And no
point of return

down in tears

(Grim frost will come)
(to take you far away)

wait in fear

(For vanity with happiness)
(you paid)

down now, my dear
The end is
(to) fix what
you have

(Forgiveness was not)
(meant for you)
(So shut all)
(of it inside)

late to
erase the mess you made
Too late to
take back
all back
fall back

(You got what)
(you deserve)

Far away the moonlight
Blood red in tears and pain
Keeps you up at night
Digs deep down your flesh
As long
as you remain.
Track Name: Suicide Patterns
Walking on these suicide patterns again
Watching from the distance at joy of others
I walk further away from the light
Waiting to see another empty tomorrow

Walking on these suicide patterns again
Skulking at the shadows of the lucky ones
I wander closer to my personal oblivion
On these suicide patterns again
Hating to see another day of emptiness

This disease kills me from inside
In insane mind all beauty dies
It's no one's fault
No one to blame
(It's) in my head
Thats where it stays

This disease eats me up inside
Burns my will
My wings to fly
And it's my own fault
I let it this far
And now it won't go away

Forgive me
I can't stay
The head is getting worse
I would only
pray for a change
And the change only changes
the shape of the pain
Because this is no fairy tale!

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