Songs of Slumber

by Fractured Spine

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released June 14, 2013


all rights reserved



Fractured Spine Finland

Experimental, atmospheric, melodic. Although many death/doom metal elements are present in most songs, it would be difficult to categorize Fractured Spine strictly in that genre. The band still draws its main influences from outside the metal genre.

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Track Name: Acheron
Fierce and deathful
Is your boat full?

Will you lead me
to the other side
across the river of woe
Away from these shores

Flaming eyes
gaze upon me
My dry lips
longing for thee

Once again
and left behind
Depart like before
(from) this dreary coast

Will I see the ones
And hear their voice
Who claimed to care
who made their choice

Will I see the ones
And hear their voice
Who I failed to see
still so dear to me

Take me there
where all
the hopeless remain
where all
are equal in disdain

(I've waited so long)

Loose the rope!
Free the boat!
Hand the pole!
And silence your moan!

As was your living
so is your death
Not worth a coin
to pay for your debt

Push me aside
And leave me on the shore

There'll be no mourning
Here you have no name.
Track Name: 11
Pretend she saw me
I wasn't there
They did not know me (at all)
You did not care

As the sun sets down on my path
And facing it alone as I am
Misery as my only companion
Sorrow feeding my wrath

I have nothing to give you
Nothing more to say
And if you mention me
Speak only ill of my name

Please do not mourn me
Don't claim you remember
Do not whisper my name
Burn it down to the last ember

Leave me here
I've given all
I'm broken.
Track Name: In the Shade
Look behind you
There I'm waiting
Dare to whisper
Whisper out your secrets
in the dark

Take my hand
Feel the life leaving...
Life leaving me

but don't dare to...

I'm tired of living this way
Days go by but everything stays the same
Day after day our end draws closer
No point in waiting any longer

Come, face the distance but don't turn around
For like the rest of us
in the nothingness you drown
(Before) when I draw my very last breath
My eyes filled with unforgiving hatred!

Tear me to pieces, my torso to hang
For all to see the grand failure I am
(that I was)
Make it slow and painful but be quick to act
Spare me the waiting, don't spare the pain

As certain as the dawn I will come for you all
The hand of justice will be swift, can't be stalled
Books of magic hold no salvage for your gloom
Pleas of mercy punished with doom!

In the shade I wait, eyes filled with hate
Turn to face your demise, turn to face your last sight
You'll never leave from here, for this place will be your tomb
Pleas of mercy punished with doom.
Track Name: Restless
I can't remember
how the north wind feels
or the cold November
the snow under my heels

I feel her eyes upon me
Drawn to me by the guilt
And piercing through my skin
Time has come to set me free

(And the fear in her eyes)
(- No more smiles)
- No more winters to see

(I covered my face)
(- Buried her decaying remains)
(These hands of a murderer)
I looked upon in shame...

Every night she returns
with one question
(That's all she ever demands)

Just a single word:

When she looked upon me
- in all that certainty
That last look will haunt me

And the gaze
(though unsaid:)
"I'm not ready to go on"
"But for what lies ahead"
"I won't be going alone!"
Track Name: Venor Trucido
(What was it you hid from me?)

As the light's fading from my eyes
Do not bring me back to this cold reality
I do not wish to be saved, just walk away
Rejoice for I have found peace
Just walk away
Walk away
Walk away!

Learn to let go
Learn not to
cherish life

Give up all
you fought for
We are slowly

Learn to ignore
Learn to
embrace death

Take up all
you rejected
We are worthless

So care for nothing
Stay for no one
Leave 'em behind
Leave 'em behind

Believe in nothing
Trust in no one
Keep 'em away
Keep 'em away

You know
they'll betray you
Take you down
while you sleep

Hunt them down
They'll come for you
Lie in your wake
Lie in your sleep

(Tear you apart)
(and make you see:)
(There is no reason)
(We are not free).
Track Name: She Died
I will find those responsible

How I wish to feel
her warm touch

How I wish
to see that kindest smile
of her's

Once more
alone I bleed for
bleed for
bleed for

She died
She died

Twisting and turning
and burning inside my skin

Crushing and tearing
and maiming my innocence

Stalking and skulking
and sneaking in counciousness

Sorrow it burns
Sorrow it turns

Cold from inside

My thoughts all in vain

Right from the start

All from inside
All from outside

(You remember?)
(us running)
(on those fields of corn)

(Do you remember)
(running and going)
(all out of control)

(You remember?)
(Everything has changed)
(since that day)

Now alone
I shall dwell on my way
This corn of ours
(has been reaped).
Track Name: Blood Red Dawn
(a day closer to my end)
(Is this day zero?)

Now look at Her:
That rotten
decaying corpse

Gone is the
comforting smile
The lifelong yearning

(And in the end)
(the same path)
(I'll find my peace)

Always so hard
to live this life
Always so cold
to walk these lands
So let me slip away
through this barren ground
to join my mistress
in the dance of demise

(And in the end)
(the same path)
(I'll find my peace)

(Had you still felt the pain?)
(Had you still seen their rage?)
(Your body crumble)
(- shattered)
(like your dreams)
(Fading away)
(with your last tear)

(And with this farewell left unsaid)
(I have to send you on your way)
(where I)
(cannot follow)
(to embrace never again)

I want to feel
burning inside like a torch
(as you did)

The flames feasting
on my lungs
On my flesh
(as with yours)

I want to hear
your last thought
Feel the last bone crushing
pushing you
further into the dark
(into the dark)

(I want to see)
(what you saw)
(when your eyes)
(blinded before the hatred)
(and left you in the dark).
Track Name: Zoar
Knock on the door
Bring them out
before the crowd

Would you rather
sacrifice your own blood spare these false prophets?

(False prophets)
(and their false gods)

Burn these cities
and drown the valleys
Believe and be
strong in thy faith

Is there anyone
left in here?
Is there anyone
to preserve our kin?

Filthy and low...
Wine and a cunning mind
"Follow him tonight"
"and I'll be the next in line"

This seed
growing in you
- in her
The disgrace
that you bear

"Father, please don't"
"let them take us"
"Tear apart our core"
"and break us"

"Open the door"
"and face them"
"Open your mind"
"- forgive them"

"Lest we forsake"
"our reason"
"Lest we forget"
"our purpose"

"Stay strong"
"in thy devotion"
"Stay strong"
"and earn salvation"

Yield yourselves
to repent our sins redeem our stead salvage our fate follow his way live in his grace earn our place
in his hall today.

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